July 17, 2015

Use These High Tech Tips to Create a Futuristic Garage

How to Tell if Your Garage Door Needs More Than a Paint Job

Are you “that person”? The one who everyone goes to when they just cannot figure out the latest technologies? Maybe you are that person who has always been able to know which of the six remote controls did what. Maybe back in the day you were one of the first people you knew to go online. Are you someone who upgrades to the latest and greatest as soon as you can?

That’s pretty cool, but there is probably one thing about your home and life that is more than simply outdated. No, not your wardrobe. It is your garage. With that dedication to the best “toys”, you may not feel that a garage is a place worthy of your investment in all kinds of gear. And yet you can turn your boring, smelly, dark and dank garage into something that James Bond would covet. You could power that space with serious technology, long before anyone else hops on board.

How? Here are the latest options for the person who wants to transform that overcrowded and ill-used storage space into a high‑tech garage:

Good Garage, Better Vehicle

Can you fit your car into your garage? You’d be surprised at how many people have to answer that question in the negative. So many homeowners use the garage as a storage space that they have forgotten the color of the floor or what the garage actually looked like before. Even if you can fit the car inside, the garage itself may be as low-tech as possible.

  • Install a workstation – Your sleek, top of the line laptop deserves a spot from where it can supply you with what you need, while in total safety. After all, that YouTube “DIY car repair” series you intend to use or the tutorial about building things in your workshop have to play from somewhere, so give your computer equipment a sturdy, functional, and attractive working space.
  • Install a screen: You won’t ever see that laptop screen from across the garage, so add a wall-mounted TV that lets you sync with the laptop to display your screen. Of course, you can just watch a game or leave the news on while you fix the car, build something, or do exercise. You can even stream home improvement shows if you need inspiration.
  • Automate the space: You are a techie, right? Why not see how you can integrate so many of those home management apps and devices into your garage, too. Just consider, there is an app that can let you know whether or not the doors are closed, turn on the lights, turn up the heat, open the doors before you get to the drive, and so on. You can use your tech to check on the safety of the garage and even alert you if someone is tampering with any of your doors or windows.

When There Are No Cars Allowed

And what if you don’t want a car in the garage? What if you would prefer that they remain outdoors and you get to keep that space to use as you desire? A workshop, workout room, creative space, and so on? You can still go high-tech.

  • Home Office: Don’t cram yourself into the guest room closet or a corner of the noisy living room if you have a whole garage! Even if it means adding insulation, wall paneling, and upgrading the space in general, it will enable you to tech out the garage and channel your inner geek.
  • Workshop: You can fill up a garage with tech that includes the latest power tools. Why not plan on building all of the things you thought outside of your realm – like furniture, puzzles, and so on?
  • Creative Studio: How does a photo studio sound? A music room? Maybe an artist studio full of the gear you need to start making and selling your work? Whatever it is, consider turning the garage into a clean, bright, and workable space with all of the tech necessary.
  • Home Cinema: The mother of all home tech spaces, you can use the lack of natural light and large windows in your garage to convert it into the most amazing place for TV and movies.

Of course, any update to your space mean a serious look at the garage door. A modern and futuristic room needs to be sheltered from the environment and provide a secure way of entering and exiting. At Atlas Overhead Doors Sales, we offer Garaga contemporary garage door models to fit any theme.


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