We’re experts in commercial and industrial garage overhead doors – Let us help you…

Outstanding experience in commercial and industrial doors

At Atlas‑Coles Door Systems, we completely understand the challenges you face, and offer expert solutions to help fulfill your customers’ requirements in any type of garage door related-product. Our services and expertise are not limited to only overhead sectional doors, either.

Prior to starting work, touch base with us and we can meet you to begin understanding your customer’s specific requirements. We can then show you the ideal products for that specific customer based on the type of building in question, as well as the nature of the work being performed.

We offer professional advice and guidance at every step along the path, from initial project conception and materials specifications to the installation and wrapping it all up.

We make it easy to make smart choices!

It can seem quite challenging at first to choose the right industrial or commercial overhead door. We can help – our guidance will make life simpler. Really, the right choice will correspond to how the door will be used by your customer. Paying a lot for a door may not be an ideal option. Paying too little can also result in a subpar experience, increased repairs, and reduced satisfaction. Follow this simple guide to make the right choice:

  1. Choose the overhead door that best fits the application.
  2. Choose the door system based on the amount of strength and durability your customer needs. This hinges on the garage door dimensions, the construction material, and the daily opening/closing cycle.
  3. Choose the right opening system, as well as the safety accessories needed.
  4. Choose the type of garage door windows your customer will require.

Learning on the job…

We’re Garaga commercial and industrial overhead door professionals, which means that we have extensive experience in this area. We also have in-depth knowledge of the complications that result from installing these types of doors. We know garage doors, and we guarantee our performance. We serve Enfield, Hartford, Burlington, Marlborough, Glastonbury, Woodbridge, Farmington and Springfield in Massachusetts or Connecticut.

We recommend that you choose components that possess the durability necessary for the job. This ensures that there are no unpredicted repairs, or, worse yet, calls to 911. The right overhead door will be perfectly suited to the intended purpose and use cycle. We’ve developed a convenient scale to help you determine just how sturdy that door needs to be – light, heavy or super duty.

Preventative maintenance pays off!

We believe in preventative maintenance, and because of that, we offer a planned program that will ensure continued safe operation of your garage door for years to come.

Consider any overhead garage door as an investment, and a vital piece of equipment for your customer. It’s vital to choose the right product, to ensure installation by trained professionals, and to have ongoing inspections and regular maintenance. That delivers peace of mind, but also saves your customers time and money.

Here at Atlas‑Coles Door Systems, we believe in seeking out new opportunities for partnerships with architects and builders. Call us today at 1-877-828-5279, or complete our convenient online form to get a free quote.