Storage & Organisation

August 4, 2017
We tend to think of the garage only as a place to secure our vehicles and store unwanted belongings. This space holds so much more potential than that, so don’t let it to go to waste. If you enjoy scrapbooking, you can turn the garage into your own workshop.
March 18, 2016
Keeping your home tidy and organized requires a lot of effort. A clean garage is often the last priority on your list of household chores because it’s usually the part of the home that’s occupied the least. Nonetheless, there’s no reason to clutter your car hold and allow it to become a danger zone. In fact, a messy garage may be a peril for you and your family due to fire hazards, tripping over objects and other risks. The following tips show you the basics of how to keep your garage clean and tidy.
January 8, 2016
You can—and if the alternative is leaving your boat on the water, you should definitely bring it home. Boating experts such as those at Discover Boating recommend out-of-water, indoor storage if you live in a place with cold winters. Not only are you reducing the risk of theft and vandalism, but leaving a boat in the water over the winter can cause significant damage.