Why we recommend Garaga

Is your garage door unreliable? Noisy? Ugly? We can help!

We prefer Garaga garage doors not only for their many design options, but also for the legendary quality of its complete product line. Garaga is constantly developing new technologies and they leave no detail overlooked in order to remain at the forefront of the garage door industry.

Insulation & Weatherproofing

Designed and built to take on the winter climate, you need a Garaga door to keep your garage at a comfortable temperature, especially if you are using it as an extension of your home, both in winter time and summer as well. This is why Garaga provides its doors with features like:

  • High density pressure‑injected polyurethane foam
    Polyurethane foam
  • Triple-contact and airtight interlocking joints
    Interlocking joints
  • Double‑lip ThermaBlokMC frame weather stripping
  • Flexible U-shaped bottom weather-stripping

These features ensure that your garage door has both the best insulation and an airtight system to keep your garage at a comfortable temperature and prevent air infiltration. A well-insulated garage also has the advantage of reducing energy loss. When warm air cannot escape, your heating bills are lower!

Lifetime Warranty

A garage door can be a major investment for anyone, which is why you want a door that lasts. The durability of a garage door is closely related to its mechanical components. With Garaga’s commercial-quality construction, it has set the standard for quality. Every detail has been carefully studied to maximize product strength, consistency and to ensure an elegant appearance. We suggest you watch these Garaga videos to see the superior performance of its doors.

windows superior

Sturdy & Long‑lasting

Garaga manufactures its doors with only high quality materials, creating them to stand up to extreme weather, thus producing the industry’s most robust and strongest garage doors. You can actually double the lifespan of your garage door by combining various components such as 14-gauge commercial tracks, anchoring plates welded to vertical rails and 11-ball-bearing nylon rollers. Your new Garaga door will give you peace of mind.

Visit our Image Gallery or our Design Centre to see the wide variety of available models, and remember that Garaga makes its doors to order to fit to any size garage door opening.

Eastman garage door, Model E-22, 10' x 7', Ice White door and overlays, Orion 8 lite windows

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