September 14, 2016

How to turn your garage into a fun playroom

How to turn your garage into a fun playroom

How to turn your garage into a fun playroom

Recently, an employee here at Garaga had a brilliant idea. Instead of using her garage as a storage space, she converted it to a playroom for her young children. Since converting the garage, her kids have loved playing in their for hours at a time, and she and her husband love having a special place just for the kids. To give our customers some helpful ideas for converting a garage into a fun and safe playroom for the kids, we asked her a few questions about the process and how she turned her garage into a playroom.

We hope that her answers give you some great ideas and pointers to completely transform your garage. You’ll be amazed at what she did – and what you can do – in just a few days!

Q: What inspired you to convert your garage to a playroom?

Convert your garage to a playroom

A: We were inspired to create a playroom because we have two garages in our home. We really weren’t using our second garage for anything but storage, and the kids really needed more space to play.

We were especially concerned about giving our kids room to play and have fun even when it was raining or cold outside. So, since we already had a place to park our cars, we decided to transform our second garage into a playroom.

Basically, my husband and I wanted to create a safe space where our kids could play without worrying about the weather, without losing balls that got kicked or thrown out of the backyard, and where we could easily keep an eye on them.

Q: Concrete walls can be tricky. What kind of paint did you choose, and how well did it work?

A: We wanted to really transform the space, so for our concrete walls and floor, we went with Behr Premium Concrete Garage Floor paint. You don’t have to stick with Behr, though. Other brands offer similar products made for concrete. Ask the experts at your local hardware or paint supplies store to see what options they have.

Garage Floor Paint

Q: How is the temperature in your garage in the winter? Does it stay warm?

A: Thanks to our Cambridge garage door, the playroom stays toasty warm all winter long. The door has an R‑16 thermal resistance, so the room doesn’t lose heat through the door and remains warm and temperate for the kids to play comfortably. We’ve also added a heating system that we can turn on and off manually to make it a bit warmer when necessary, too.

Q: How is the temperature in your garage in the winter? Does it stay warm?

A: Because we were converting the garage into a playroom, we decided that we didn’t need to have a functional garage door opener most of the time. Thus, we just disconnected it so that it does not open and close the garage door anymore. I also made sure that the wall button for the garage door opener is out of reach, too.

You have a lot of cool floor mats, toys, and storage solutions for your playroom. Where did you get them?

A: Storage Solutions: I love IKEA for all kinds of kids’ storage solutions. From bins to shelves and everything in between, these pieces are affordable and easy to put together, too.

Kid‑Friendly Puzzle Floor mats: I fell in love with the puzzle floor mats that we found. They’re so easy to install, and they’re available in a lot of different stores. I got ours at Walmart, but I’ve also seen them at Home Depot, Canadian Tires, Toys R Us, and I’ve found them online, as well, at sites like Amazon.

Wall Stickers:

No matter what your kids are into, you can find really cool wall stickers that they’ll love. We found ours at a Canadian arts and crafts store called DeSerres. They had literally dozens upon dozens of options and designs to choose from. If you’re looking for similar stickers in the US, check out Michaels, or you can go online and find a bunch, too. The key with buying décor items like these stickers is to be creative and have fu with them. They can really turn the room into a magical place that your kids will adore!

Playroom where they love being in

What do you think? Would you convert your garage into a safe play space for your kids? Leave us some feedback and let us know what you think. And, if you liked this article, don’t be shy – share it with your friends and family!

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