Custom Small Garage Doors for Any Shed or Small Garage

If you see a garage door on someone’s shed, you might like the look. After all, it provides a cohesive and polished look to any shed or detached garage. You might wonder how you can get the same polished look. If you’re considering adding a garage door to a small shed or garage, it is possible. There are custom garage doors to meet your needs!

These garage doors are in the Moderno 2 beads design, 6' x 7' and 10' x 8', Black, window layout: Right-side Harmony.

See how these garage doors match perfectly? Pictured here is our 6’ x 7’ and 10’ x 8’ Moderno 2 beads design, in a black finish. It produces a cohesive and polished look both in color and style. You can match your garage door to your shed doors with ease with our customizable sizes and designs.

Looking to get involved with building your own shed? This can be a great summer project. First, take a look at this article. House Digest has a DIY guide for shed building, which details 15 helpful tips for your DIY shed projects from experts in the space.

You Can Find Customizable Garage Doors that Fit Small Sheds or Small Garages

Our garage doors go far beyond the standard garage door sizes. Most typical garage doors come in 6’6” or 7’ heights. However, what if you need something smaller to suit your needs? We offer customizable sizing and designs that can easily be applied to small spaces, such as your shed!

At Atlas-Coles Door Systems, we customize Garaga garage doors to fit your lifestyle − not the other way around! Our custom-designed garage doors are made to spec, meaning we fit them to your unique doorway. This way, you save on the labor and time it might take to modify your doorways.

We can accommodate a range of unique widths and heights. We can make garage doors ranging from 4 feet to 20 feet wide, sized to the nearest inch

We offer garage doors that are 6 feet to 12 feet high, sizing in one-inch and three-inch increments to fit your specific needs!

Perfect for a small shed, our garage doors come in sizes as small as 4 feet wide! Plus, we don’t charge extra for these modifications, ever. So, you can get what you need without breaking the bank.

Garaga offers customized garage doors at a fixed price point, with no hidden fees associated with customization. That’s right! You can get a 4’ x 4’ door that fits your shed perfectly as easily as you can get a standard 7’ x 8’ door, perfect for a garage.

With Garaga, it’s so easy to install a custom small garage door the size and design you want on your shed, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it years ago.

We Have Insulated Garage Doors for Your Shed or Detached Garage

The decision to add insulation to a garage door is totally up to you. There are certainly benefits of insulation that should be considered. For example, if you plan on storing expensive electronics or equipment in your shed, you might need temperature control to ensure they stay in good condition. Insulation can help keep the temperature in the shed consistent.

If you don’t plan on using your garage to store sensitive items and don’t plan on spending much time in your garage, a door without insulation or with the simpler Styrofoam insulation is a fine option, too.

Sheds without insulation will face humidity issues more than sheds with proper insulation. However, insulation isn’t the only way to keep your shed dry. Read these 6 tips for preventing humidity problems in your shed from global media leader SFGATE.

Their list includes helpful tips like:

  • Fans and circulation
  • Dehumidifiers
  • Calcium chloride (moisture absorption) containers
  • Caulk
  • Open windows to promote airflow (You can easily add windows to your shed by adding a garage door that features stylish windows.)

Consider Heating Your Shed

If you plan to use your shed as a workshop, art studio, or space you will spend time in for any reason, consider heating your shed. Heating your shed will keep it comfortable! However, you will need to pick good insulation. If you choose to heat your shed or garage, you should look carefully at the R-value of your garage door. R-value is a metric that quantifies temperature resistance. The simplest way to understand R-Value is: the higher the R-Value, the better the insulation!

  • Heated: If you plan to heat your shed, look for a garage door with an R-Value of R-12 or higher. This will ensure heat stays in the shed.
  • Unheated: If you will not heat your shed, you can easily choose a lightly insulated garage door with polystyrene or a non-insulated garage door.

Collections: The Village Garage Door

The Village Collection garage doors are made in the USA with beautiful finishes and quality materials. These doors are offered in both non-insulated and polystyrene insulated options. This model comes with embossed designs that are simplistic and classy – they work in any space!

The Village garage door is offered in nine colours and 10 designs!

This garage door is in the Village I-2 Layout design, Flat base, 5' x 6', White, Satin window.

Upgrade your shed with ease. Pictured above is the Village Collection I-2 design, Flat base, 5’ x 6’, in a White color, complete with Satin windows. These doors add style and practicality, a perfect addition to your storage shed or small garage.

Collections: Vantage Garage Doors

These Vantage garage doors offer supreme insulation while still being incredibly chic. These garage doors feature polystyrene sandwiched between two steel walls. Totalling three layers of protection and insulation, these garage doors are about 2 inches thick and perfect for keeping heat inside the space.

This garage door is in the Standard+ Shaker-Flat CC design, 7' x 7', Iron Ore Walnut, Orion 4 lite windows.

See how fabulous this garage door looks? You’d never know this offers so much insulation. Dimensions shown above are 7’ x 7', in Iron Ore Walnut, with Orion 4 lite windows. The wood-grain finish and windows add a special touch!

Collections: Acadia 138 Garage Doors

The Acadia 138 garage doors come with powerful insulation and a simplistic design. The garage doors can come with R-12 rating insulation, which is injected into the space between the steel panels and adheres to the surface, creating a strong layer of insulation to keep warm air in.

This garage door is in the Acadia 138 Classic CC design, 5' x 7', Ice White.

Pictured here is the Acadia 138 in the Classic CC design, 5' x 7', in Ice White. These garage doors’polyurethane insulation offers strong protection from the elements, so you can enjoy time spent in your shed. Need some fresh air? Simply crack your garage door to feel the breeze.

Do you have questions about R-Value or insulation for your shed or garage? Contact a garage door specialist. They can discuss your needs with you and make suggestions on which you should choose!

Cozy Up Your Shed with Heating

Did you know you can heat your shed? Not everyone might think to heat a shed, but it’s a practical idea. Shed Windows and More published this article on practical and cost-effective ways to heat a shed. Some of their suggestions for heating your shed are:

  • Insulation is a must – this protects you against the elements and holds heat in!
  • Portable heaters (or space heaters) do a great job at quickly and easily heating a small space.
  • A thermostat with a timer can aid you in controlling the amount of heat used in your shed.
  • A wood-burning stove adds an amazing aesthetic touch to any shed, and will also heat your shed quicker with lower bills!

A wood-burning stove that is warming a shed and adding a cozy ambiance.

This shed design features a classic wood-burning stove. This space looks so comfortable, you may never want to leave. Who would have guessed this is in a shed? Image courtesy of Unsplash.

Two Reasons You Should Consider a Sectional Garage Door for Your Shed

1. Make More Room

The typical household stores away so many things. A lot of the items we own can only be used at certain times or seasons, but we hang onto them for easy access. For a lot of folks, this means throwing these seasonal items in a shed.

If you improve your shed by adding a sectional overhead garage door, you’ll be able to maximize your storage space. Overhead garage doors on a shed help you visualize all of the items in the shed much better, make it easier to get large items in and out, and offering more flexibility.

2. Make Your Shed More Accessible

The typical shed door does not offer the width or flexibility that an overhead garage door does. You may find yourself struggling to get large equipment in and out. Since sheds are often used to store large equipment, this is a frustrating occurrence.

If you invest in a sectional overhead garage door, say goodbye to the days of struggling to fit a lawnmower into your shed! The enhanced width of a sectional overhead garage door adds more accessibility to your shed.

Add a Garage Door Opener

Garage door openers will be very useful for easy access to your garage or shed whenever you need it. What model of garage door opener you choose will change your experience.

Browse the different features of this garage door opener model LiftMaster 8355W.

This LiftMaster 8355W garage door opener offers reliable mechanics and smart monitoring via myQ technology, providing remote monitoring and operational functions from any smart device. Keep an eye on your shed or garage while you’re away with this modern garage door opener!

  • What is a trolley-style garage door opener?

    A trolley garage door opener is a popular choice. It’s mounted on the ceiling in the centre of your garage and then adhered to the garage door and hooked up to an electricity supply. Then, simply push a button for easy opening!

    The trolley style is common, well-known, and designed for standard garage doors. These trolley-style garage door openers work nicely in areas with low-headroom clearance, making these a fine choice for a smaller shed.

  • What is a wall-mounted garage door opener?

    Looking to hold on to the storage space above the garage door? The wall-mounted garage door opener, otherwise known as a jackshaft, can provide you with a solution. These garage door openers are installed on the side of the garage door. This frees up space above. Jackshaft garage door openers are suggested for high-lift garage doors, but can really be used with any style or size.

The garage door opener you choose ultimately comes down to the size and design of the space you’re installing it in. When in doubt, contact a professional. They can guide you through the terminology of garage door openers – like what type of lift you’ll need and other items.

Don’t Forget Your LiftMaster Accessories

If you’re not interested in an electric garage door opener, you still have options for easy access to your shed or garage. Adding a pull chain or lift handles will make for seamless opening!

You can also add inside locks in your shed or garage to protect your property.

This garage door is in the Classic MIX design, 8' x 7', Charcoal.

The beautiful garage door seen above is the Classic MIX design, 8’ x 7’, in Charcoal. This garage door makes it easy to move large equipment in and out of the shed, and still look stylish while doing it, too!

You Deserve a Garage Door Design For Your Shed That is Unique and Completes Your Home

Whether you need small garage doors or large ones, you can get creative with colors and designs. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice beauty for functionality. You can have both!

Stylish and customizable additions you can add are:

  • Windows

    Windows don’t need to be boring! When there are so many different types of glass, you can choose windows that look beautiful and unique. If you’re looking to add extra textures and patterns, we offer decorative grid inserts that can enhance the exterior look of your garage door’s windows!

  • Decorative hardware

    Give your shed a makeover with some decorative hardware! Decorative hardware offers the chance to enhance your shed’s look by adding custom door knockers or artisan hinges.

    The best part is that it’s easy to install decorative hardware on your own! Save money and feel rewarded when you finish this DIY project.

These garage doors are in Eastman E-22 design, 6' x 7', Dark Sand doors and Desert Sand overlays, Arch Overlay with Panoramic 4 vertical lite windows.

This garage and shed are perfect examples of how decorative designs can enhance your entire home’s appearance. Pictured is our Eastman E-22 design: 6’ x 7’, Moka Brown door, Ice White overlays, with 4 vertical lite Panoramic windows.

Let Us Help You Find the Perfect Sectional Overhead Garage Door for Your Needs

Our customizable garage doors come in all sizes like 4’x4’, 4’x6’, 5’x5’, 6’x6’, 6’x7’, and many more. You can find a garage door for any space or project with us! When you get our custom-made small garage doors, you can be sure they will fit your specific needs and measurements.

Custom Designs for Your Garage Doors

If you’ve already purchased a garage door from Garaga in the past, you’re in luck. We can easily match the color and design of your current garage door to match your shed’s garage door.

Atlas-Coles Door Systems offers an impressive collection of sectional garage doors you should check out! They offer over 35 designs and 10 colors. It’ll be fun and easy to pick a garage door that suits your style!

Looking for aesthetic inspiration? Select a garage door that mimics your home’s style by choosing from our three most popular house styles:

  • Simplistic and timeless, our Traditional style doors are perfect for those looking to keep a timeless home exterior while adding modern features.
  • Looking for sharp, clean lines? Our Contemporary style doors match modern home aesthetics nicely.
  • Charming, rustic, and whimsical, the Carriage House style doors are perfect for lovers of all things eccentric.

Still can’t decide? Why not visit our Design Centre, which allows you to virtually customize and try garage doors onto your garage or shed. Once you’ve customized it to your heart’s desire, and you’re ready to talk price, simply request a free quote via email!

Contact an Expert to Get Started

Professionals can lead you through decisions like garage door opener selection and more. If you’re ready to take the next step, contact Atlas-Coles Door Systems to get an expert on the line who can guide you through selecting the perfect garage door.

Give us a ring at 860-668-7991 today!

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