June 17, 2020

Should a She Shed Be in Your Future?

Everyone knows about the man cave and how it offers a space for all the guys to hang out, spend time on hobbies, watch a few basketball games, play some pool, and have some snacks and beverages.

However, women are increasingly choosing to find similar spaces for their own needs in the form of the she shed.

Both she sheds and man caves offer a way to step back from everyday life, which also means they can be designed and decorated in different ways from family areas in the home.

Many men build their man caves in the basement, the garage, or another empty room in the house.

Women, on the other hand, often want a bit of distance from the home for their hobbies. While she sheds were once considered no more than a fad, it seems they are going nowhere at all.

So, where should you place your own she shed?

Some of your options are found in your existing yard.

You might choose an abandoned playhouse the kids are too old to use, a garage that is doing nothing more than collecting clutter, or even the old shed that nobody steps foot in more than once or twice a year.

Think about spaces where you can work on arts and crafts, garden, write, read, or even socialize with friends over a glass of wine. This is likely to offer you the motivation you need to get started.

Not sure you have a structure existing that will work for your needs? Don’t worry about it. Many prefab and easy-to-erect kits are available so you can create the she shed that you’ve been craving. All you have to do is follow a set of instructions from the manufacturer to create a usable structure.

Regardless of how you set things up, half the fun is getting things ready.

You can make it even easier by working on things with your partner or family members. If you want some ideas and tips, keep reading!

ONE NOTE OF CAUTION: before you get started, check with your municipality for any restrictions and whether or not you’ll need permits.

Have the space already? Time to get cleaning!

Before you do anything else, you want to see what’s in your garage or shed. Many times, it has been used to store seasonal items. Even in that case, going through everything can be a bit challenging and even overwhelming, but once it’s done, you will feel much better.

Consider which situation are you currently in:

  • Perhaps you have a garage connected to the house along with a shed. Can you reorganize your storage, so you only keep the items you use and find the most necessary?
  • You might have only a small garage in the yard or a shed that won’t fit many items. Do you have a basement area where some of your things could be stored?

After you know what situation you’re in and want to move forward, you’ll need to decide:

  • Decide which items you are sure you want to keep,
  • Consider what items you could sell in a garage sale,
  • Think about what items could be reused when you give to charity

Next, you need to create a plan for the transformation

While you might be gung-ho to start in on things, a little planning can help. At the very least, do things slowly so you can monitor how things work.

As wise people have said in the past, if you want a successful project, put 90% of your energy into planning and 10% into execution.

With that in mind, picture the results you want. Dig into your imagination and whatever you can dream up.

For now, it’s okay to go a bit crazy with imagining things, as a friend or family member can help you bring things to a more realistic level in terms of cost. However, when you’re starting, feel free to dream as big as you want!

Once you have an idea of what you want, this is the time to establish a budget.

Make sure you are realistic by doing some research. Now you’ll have a mental or visual sketch of the she shed and an idea of the costs.

You can then add when you want the project complete and hang it up somewhere you see every day. Make sure you leave some room in your budget, perhaps about 10% of the total, for unexpected issues and extras.

1. Be aware of the dimensions of whatever building you plan to use:

  1. The width, depth, and height, as well as the locations of obstacles like beams, should be accounted for before you get started.
  2. For a mini garage, consider the construction and whether there is storage space on the trusses of the roof.
  3. Check other details like whether you need plumbing or electricity. If so, are they there and working?

2. Get ready for a quick inspection of the chosen structure:

  1. foundation (found on concrete piers with a concrete or lumber slab): Is it reasonable for the plans you have made, or does it need work?
  2. insulation: How good is the insulation, and during what seasons will you use the she shed?
  3. roof: Is it in good shape, or does it need work?

At this point, you have a solid plan and a budget. This is the perfect time to start the project.

Building a space that is inviting and all your own

No matter why you want to transform the old playhouse or garage into a space for yourself, we have some ideas for personalizing it to your preferences,

1. Consider what kind of style you appreciate the most

Maybe you’re dreaming of an artist studio with lots of light and windows, or perhaps you want a garden cottage. Your main house may influence your choice of architecture when it comes to this unique space, as well as what furnishings you add for decoration.

2. Add in some light and choose your favorite colors

Some people will find that larger windows or even a skylight give you all the extra light that you want. Adding on a fresh coat of paint can also go a long way toward transforming a run-down building into a gorgeous she shed with feminine style.

White or pastels are very chic, but you can also make the space unique by coordinating the door frames and windows.

3. Furnish the spot without spending all your money

You can use furnishing you may have around the house or even items in a family member’s basement.

Look at flea markets or antique shops.

Use creativity. You can repurpose items you don’t use to fit your new space.

4. Make sure you also consider the outside area

While there’s no reason you have to add everything right away, there are many ways to add beauty to the outside of your she shed.

A small deck, porch, or patio can be easily added, along with some comfy chairs.

Consider planting some perennials along the edges of the building or even go all out and create a garden.

5. It is a Personal Paradise

While there’s nothing wrong with getting ideas from others, the she shed should be a reflection of YOU. That means choosing between barn siding, a seaside theme, or a gardener’s paradise is all a matter of your taste.

If you have room, you could fit in a sofa, add a writing desk, or create a worktable for projects.

The point is to have a space where you are relaxed and happy.

Don’t doubt how useful Pinterest can be for inspiration

One of the best places to find inspiration for a she shed is Pinterest. Even a quick look will offer dozens of ideas. You can also find some ideas by browsing HOUZZ.

A garage door made of all‑glass could be a great addition

Regardless of the size of the garage or shed you’re making into a she shed, and no matter whether it has or you want to install a garage door, you should know that Garaga offers all‑glass garage doors to let in sunlight through the day. You can leave the door open in warm weather but close it when things get cold.

Garaga has a variety of layouts and aluminum frame colors that match with its California door. Also, there are a ton of glass choices, including clear, Satin Black, Satin Grey, or tinted glass in a Blue or Bronze hue.

Not sure it will fit? You’ll be glad to know this door can be as small as 4 feet wide by 6 ½ feet high.

What about adding a sectional garage door to the she shed?

If you are located near Ellington, contact us toll‑free at 1‑877‑828‑5279 any time you like. We can provide information on how much space you need for a garage door along with the sizes available. If you have enough clearance, you can even add an electric garage door opener.

We’re also happy to send you a quotation by email. If you prefer, you can meet us in our showroom. Those who want to change a current garage door can use our design centre to decide which you like the most. You’ll also find great inspiration in our image gallery.

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