August 31, 2018

Renovating Your Garage to Improve Resale Value of Your Home

Home with garage door

Thinking about putting your home on the market? You’ll want to make sure your resale value is as high as possible. Changing the appearance of your home is an excellent way to do that, and changing the exterior and interior of your garage offers a lot of return on your investment. It can make your home more eye-catching, and also boost your value.

How the Garage Affects Resale Value

One of the most significant factors in a home’s resale value is the appearance of the façade. If the home looks old and run-down, it doesn’t matter how much money or work you’ve put into the interior, buyers will pass. In fact, you’ll find that lacking curb appeal means that you receive far fewer interested parties in the first place. And, make no mistake, your garage door makes up around 45% of your home’s visible exterior. If it’s showing signs of age, or wear and tear, it’s detracting from your resale value.

So, how can you turn things on their head? What should you do to change the paradigm? There are some simple tips to follow.

  1. Remodeling – For an unfinished garage, a few sheets of sheetrock can work wonders. You should also consider repainting the floor to add a bit more life.
  2. Paint It – Chances are good that your garage is showing signs of use, as well as its age. A fresh coat of paint on the walls and the garage door can do wonders. Go with a light color to brighten things up and make the garage feel larger.
  3. Declutter – If you really want buyers to be able to visualize themselves in your home, you need to declutter. Organize the items in the garage – sell what you can, donate what you cannot sell. Anything that must remain should be stored neatly. If it’s unnecessary and cannot be sold or donated, throw it away.
  4. Make Sure the Garage Door Works Correctly – There’s nothing more likely to make a potential buyer back off than learning that your garage door doesn’t work properly. It might be an issue with the springs, with the track, or with the door itself. If maintenance won’t help the door work better, then having it replaced will be necessary.
  5. Think about Changing the Door – Chances are good that your garage door is pretty old. It might be as old as the home in some instances. Today’s buyers want (and deserve) something that has less than several decades of weathering going on. Garage doors today are actually very affordable, and you’ll find a range of different styles and designs that not only help you eliminate an eyesore, but to add a great deal of curb appeal to your home.

Get in Touch with Garaga Garage Door Specialists

If you’re struggling with your garage door, get in touch with the professionals at Garaga. Whether you need maintenance, repairs, or a brand new garage door installed, we can help. You can also use our online Design Centre to help you choose the right door.

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