January 16, 2020

Claims about garage doors that you should never believe

Since nearly everyone uses the Internet anymore, all sorts of things are said that may not actually be true. Many of us don’t spend time verifying these claims. We just believe them and go on. Some of these myths have even spread to garage door systems, as strange as it might seem. Other myths have been making their way around for years and years. Whether these myths are new or old, it’s not always easy to get rid of them.

If you own a garage door or are in the process of shopping for one, there are a number of statements you may hear that are false. Don’t take anything for granted. If you aren’t sure something is true, ask a garage door expert what the truth actually is.

Myths or Facts

Every garage door is created in the exact same manner

Sure, many garage doors have similarities, but that doesn’t mean that every one of them is the same. This is an easy myth to bust just by looking at the choice of material that can be used to make a door. It could be steel, wood, aluminum, or something else. Every one of those has positives and negatives. Wooden doors are highly regarded for warmth and beauty, while metal doors are known to be practical and strong. Aluminum doors are lightweight while all‑glass garage doors let in tons of light. What really matters is that the material you choose works.

Another thing that varies between garage doors is how thick the door actually is. For instance, those who have 16' x 7' double garage doors will find that a 1 ¾ thick door with injected polyurethane foam is a good choice. The reason is because when you leave the door open for hours while coming in and out, the thickness and material will keep the door strong and solid.

Insulated garage doors are unneeded

You may have heard people say that the point of a garage door is to shut the door, therefore insulation is pointless. That might even be true if you have a small garage in your backyard that holds nothing of value. However, those with attached garages which are insulated should also consider having the last wall, or the garage door, insulated. If you have your garage underneath of a bedroom, you can prevent noise when you install a weathertight insulated garage door. It can also help you cut your energy costs. Effective thermal breaks and weatherstripping can go a long way toward protecting your garage from extreme heat and cold.

It’s not recommended to insulate a garage door

Even amateurs can make garage door repairs

You might think that doing repairs on your garage door should be easy, but it’s best not to jump in without training. In just the way that you want a professional to repair your tablet or smartphone, the same applies to your garage door. But that doesn’t mean you can’t do some things to ensure the door is working correctly. Tightening up the loose bolts and visually inspecting the door is a good place to start. This is something you can do on your own without putting yourself or others in danger. For repairs and in‑depth work, contact us at Atlas Door Systems. We would be happy to check for any problems and take care of the needed work for you.

There’s really no need to maintain a garage door

Sure, you can simply press a button and your garage door opens and closes like magic, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t maintain the system. As you should maintain other household appliances, basic regular care is also important for your garage door at least once a year. If you use the garage as the main way to get into your home, as 70% of homeowners do, this is even more important. The largest moving item in your home is the garage door and it needs to be respected. Refer to this guide to learn more about how to care for and maintain your garage door so you can keep it in good shape.

Garage doors are supposed to be loud

Garage doors have tons of metal parts, so they are not going to be entirely silent. The truth is that most of the components of your garage door are created from metal to offer them durability and strength. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t listen to your door and know what its normal sounds are like. Be aware of how the electric door opener sounds as well as the hardware system with rollers, springs, and tracks. If you notice that the sounds have changed recently, that should give you pause. Not sure why the noises are changing? You can learn more by contacting us.

It’s normal that a garage door makes noise

There are no safety concerns with garage doors

Are garage doors safer than they used to be? Yes. Does that mean you should assume no accidents can ever occur with a garage door? No. While it might be scary to read, it’s important to know that the US National Electronic Injury Surveillance System records over 10,000 accidents that occur every year with garage door malfunctions, ranging from being hit to getting cut or crushing a finger. Keep that in mind and be safe around this large piece of equipment.

The most important things to pay attention to are the two automatic reverse mechanisms on the garage door, one of which is photoelectric and the other of which is mechanical. To make sure both are working correctly, you should test the system once every six months. The tests are easy to do. When testing the mechanical system, place a 2x4 underneath the door and then close it. The door should touch the wood and then immediately reverse to open again. As for the photoelectric system, start to close the door and put your foot in the way of the units on the side of the door. The door should notice your foot and start going back up. If either of these safety features do not work, get in touch with us.

All repairs for garage doors are expensive

Sometimes, it might seem the repairs for a garage door are quite expensive. It really depends on what kind of work is being done and what parts are needed. However, there are a couple of things you can do to prevent this:

  • Twice a year you should be doing regular maintenance on your garage door system, which can cut down on repair bills. When you handle a problem early, it often costs less. If you don’t have the time or want to do the maintenance on your own, we offer a tune‑up program which is similar to the one you might get for your vehicle.
  • Before any repair work is started, ask for a quote and seek an understanding of the work that is going to be done. You can get an idea when you call in for service, but you should also have that number confirmed when a technician comes to your property. A professional who works with garage doors will be happy to tell you what needs to happen and how to avoid the same problem again in the future.

Any electric garage door opener is just as good as another

Some people wonder whether it’s worth spending more on a garage door opener that comes from a dealer when you can get one that is inexpensive online. You can save money, but the more important question is whether you know what you’re ordering when you go online. Think about a few things. How often are you using the garage door to get access to your house every day? This should be counted up for you and for any other family members who use it throughout the day. The other thing to think about is how safety is important to you. For many, it is priceless.

So why are there such different prices for garage door openers? The trolley that pulls the garage door is a big part of that. Most of the ones on the Internet are three‑piece, which means that they aren’t as durable and you will spend more time tightening bolts through the years, especially if you have a 16 x 7 foot double garage door. In addition, many of the inexpensive Internet options do not come with a wall unit so you can’t reprogram your remote. All they have are a button much like a doorbell. On top of that, many of the less expensive options don’t come with a selection of potential accessories.

Stay informed about this and other garage door topics

If you are in the area of Ellington, feel free to contact us by phone at 1-877-828-5279. We have a great knowledge of garage doors and are happy to help you choose the system that meets both your budget and needs.

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