December 22, 2014

No Matter Where You Are, You Can Monitor and Control Your Garage Door Via Your Smartphone!

No matter where you are, you can monitor and control your garage door via your smartphone!

All it takes is the touch of a finger on your Android, Blackberry or Apple device in order for you to control or monitor your garage door. Many new LiftMaster garage door openers are equipped with MyQ® technology, so no matter where you are, you can be in full control of your garage door!

This is a really exciting advance in garage door openers. It’s also a valuable addition to your home’s security system and remote management.

Exciting new technology

When the LiftMaster MyQ® technology debuted at the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), it generated quite a bit of buzz. People were excited to see how MyQ® technology could help them control not just their garage doors, but also their home’s lighting. Chamberlain, the company that manufactures LiftMaster garage door openers, revolutionized the technology for the Internet era. Now, when you hear the phrase “There’s an app for that,” you’ll know that there’s even an app for your garage door opener.

How it works

This technology works by connecting a gateway to your router using an Ethernet cable (included). With Ethernet, you’re more secure than with wireless technology. The included power adapter delivers electricity to the gateway. The gateway is registered online, and then you can add devices.

Learning the door opener

The gateway has to “learn” the garage door opener. Some door openers that were made after 1998 have this capability built in. If you have questions, get in touch with your LiftMaster professional.

The next step is to locate the app that you need for your smartphone. There are apps for Android (Google Play), Blackberry and Apple (IOS). You add your garage door to the app using the “learn” function. You can add more than one door, and you can also control LiftMaster gate openers and your home lighting.

Now that the app recognizes your garage door opener, you’ll be able to open, close, and monitor it from anywhere in the world with your smartphone. The gateway “talks” to the garage door opener by means of radio signals.

Amazing benefits

Being able to control your garage door from your smartphone can save you time and even solve problems for you. Practically everyone has those days when they’re halfway across town, and they suddenly wonder if they’ve remembered to close the garage door. Usually, in order to be sure, you have to go home and check. Most of the time, you discover that you did remember to close it.

With the MyQ® app, you don’t have to turn around and go home. Just click a button, and you’ll know what’s up (or down) with the garage door, because the app constantly monitors its position. If it is open, you can just close it using your phone, and continue on your way. Anyone in the garage will be alerted to what’s happening by means of beeps and flashing lights coming from the door opener.

For your even greater convenience, you can use the MyQ® app to control your home’s lighting and small appliances.

It’s secure, safe and convenient

The app not only allows you to see your garage door opener’s position, it will let you know when the door is opened, and how long it stays open. You can customize the alerts so that when anything changes, the system will either email you or send a message to your smartphone, depending on your preference.

Deliveries that you’re expecting while you’re not home are no longer a problem. Just tell the delivery service to have the driver call you on arrival, and you can open the garage door so that the package can be placed inside – no more worries about items being damaged or stolen. If the driver doesn’t close the door, it’s no problem. You’ll get an alert, and then you just have to use the app to close the door.

If your smartphone isn’t Internet-connected, all you need to do is use any computer or tablet to go to the MyQ® web page, log in, and use all the features that are available for you to control the door opener, the LiftMaster gate opener, or your home’s lighting.

If you’d like to learn more about the MyQ® system, take a look at this video. There are also instructional videos here that will show you how to use the app on your particular phone, and that will walk you through the process of setting up alerts for all your other devices and doors.

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