A Case Study on Commercial Garage Doors and Garage Door Openers for Vehicle Dealerships

These full-view garage doors are in the G-4400 design, 14' 0" X 12' 0 with an anodized aluminum frame.

Take a look at how beautiful this space is. The all-glass of these G-4400 commercial garage doors makes it a cinch to bring vehicles in and out of service areas and showrooms at your dealership.

Consider the best methods to make your auto dealership catch the eye. Improving customer experience and your image can go a long way.

Many dealerships spend lots of money to implement different marketing strategies, but this isn’t your only option. Your focus may need to shift to that initial impression that customers get about your business.

RelayCars’ blog indicates that consumers might spend up to 14 hours browsing the net before they ever visit a dealership. With information at their fingertips and tons of options on top of that, you want to be sure your dealership is something special. Most visit only ONE to TWO dealerships.

What does that mean to you and your business? Your first impression has to be your best impression. Standing out is utterly crucial. Once a consumer makes a decision about how they feel about your dealership, you may not be able to change it.

When someone is purchasing a car, truck, or SUV, the right perception matters. You need to show off a professional space that is well-planned and high-quality. This ensures it’s seen as reliable and somewhere worth visiting.

Salesperson displaying various cars to potential clients in a stunning and bright showroom.

Check out how inviting this space is with lots of light and tidiness. Image from Freepik.

This case study will explore both commercial garage doors and garage door openers as the specific needs of an auto dealership.

These full-view commercial garage doors are in the G-4400 construction, 14' X 12' with an customized color frame

When you choose the G-4400, get the same aesthetic for your service area as you see above. With dual high-speed overhead garage doors, lots of light is available in tandem with a clear view. Vehicles can come in one door and leave the other for a streamlined experience.

Not sure about choosing the right commercial garage door and its needed garage door opener? We’ll share tips and tricks that help you create a functional, versatile, and bright space. In addition, you can easily show off the best car models you have for consumers to take in.

Why All-Glass Full-View Garage Doors? Show Your Wares and Move Vehicles with Ease!

This full-view commercial garage door is in the G-4400 construction, 14'X 8' with an customized color frame.

This all-glass G-4400 overhead garage door looks perfect against the rest of the building. Since you can personalize the colors, it also blends in with the doors and windows with black framed glass.

Our G-4400 garage doors are fully functional, filled with features, and stylish on top of that. Below, we’ll give you some insight into the features they provide to revolutionize your dealership.

Everything you need to know about commercial all-glass garage doors:

1. Enjoy selecting the hue of your garage door from an array of standard and semi-custom options.

An image of the garage door colors offered with our full-view G-4400 commercial garage door

These same colors can be used for other needs. Check out the ROYAL and GENTEK color codes right here.

Did you have another shade in mind? That’s okay! Contact our team and learn more about your options.

If you’re interested in a garage door color customization, we can make it match the current dealership or add a bit of color to make the space stand out from the surrounding buildings.

FYI: The actual color will depend on several things, including the paint’s sheen, what the garage door is made of, and how you choose to add it to the door.

2. We offer well over a dozen choices in garage door glass, so you can go with the level of transparency and color you prefer.

Image of the 8 different type of glass offered with our G-4400 commercial doors. Clear, Satin, Graylight, Mirrorpane, Satin Grey, SuperGrey Tinted, Satin Black, and Fluted Polycarbonate Bronze.

Our G-4400 all-glass garage doors come in both non-tempered and tempered versions to ensure safety when around or using garage doors.

The Basics About Tempered Glass

Standard glass has five times less strength and is more likely to break than tempered glass. Tempered glass can break but it turns into harmless pieces that are unlikely to injure someone.

3. A limited warranty is available for every all-glass commercial door.

For standard garage door windows, you get 10 years of coverage on seal problems. You also have a 10-year warranty against perforation caused by rust on aluminum. For the other parts of the garage door, a one-year warranty is provided.

Injected Polyurethane Insulation with Commercial Sectional Overhead Steel Doors Promises Strength at Lower Costs Than Expected

Choose one of our energy-saving garage doors to be sure you have lots of insulation. Combined with excellent garage door weatherstripping, you can be sure that energy and heat won’t have a way out of the garage.

What else should you know about overhead garage doors?

These sectional commercial garage doors are in the G-5000 construction

Filled with high-pressure injected polyurethane foam, the G-5000 commercial garage doors offer amazing protection. There’s no need to worry about water infiltration, brisk air, or other issues.

1. Select from G-5200, G-5138, and G-5000 overhead garage doors to enjoy a wide selection of colors!

An image of the standard and premium garage door colors offered with G-5000 commercial garage doors.

FYI: Enjoy the use of custom colors if desired on all commercial sectional doors.

2. Choose from one of three insulation levels for the commercial garage door you choose.

  • G-5138 = R-12
  • G-5000 = R-16
  • G-5200 = R-18.

When you see a high R-value, that means the insulation is better and offers additional protection.

Where you live and the climate in the area can change which R-value is right for your garage door. This measurement is used in building and construction and acts as a way to quickly understand the thermal resistance of a door.

When you want total durability and energy efficiency, choose garage doors injected with high-pressure polyurethane foam.

Polyurethane is generally considered one of the best insulation options for several reasons:

  • Cold temperatures and rain don’t stand a chance against it.
  • Polyurethane acts as a tight barrier for vapor and air.
  • It adds extra flexion resistance since the insulation is molded to the door walls.
  • Compared to polystyrene of the same thickness, polyurethane has double the effectiveness.

An illustration that explains the difference between  Styrofoam and polyurethane-insulated garage doors

See above to get an idea of the distinction between insulation made of polyurethane versus Styrofoam.

3. Each of our G-5000 commercial steel doors also comes with an excellent limited warranty:

  • One decade of coverage against rust-related perforation of steel.
  • One decade of protection against rot or cracking of wooden end blocks.
  • One decade of coverage against delamination where the foam separates from the steel.
  • One decade of protection against standard window seal defects.
  • One year of coverage against problems with other components.

This commercial overhead garage door is in the G-5000 construction, 7' X 8', and insulated with injected with high-pressure polyurethane foam.

This G-5000 garage door isn’t as big as some you’ve seen in this article. It measures only 7 x 8 feet, which is okay for small vehicles. We provide custom garage doors of all sizes and styles, whether you need something small or humongous.

Vertical Lift & High Lift Are the Types of Elevation That Work the Best for Commercial Buildings

For added clearance, this sectional G-4400 all-glass commercial garage door has high-lift tracks.

Choosing a high lift system for a commercial garage door creates extra headroom. The tracks sit against the ceiling so the door moves up all the way before moving horizontally across the ceiling.

You might think that commercial garage doors are just the same as commercial garage doors but that isn’t the case. There are a variety of distinctions between the two that we’ll share below.

So, what’s the first thing to know about choosing a garage door for commercial purposes? The type of lift and amount of clearance are equally important.

Check out the 6 different varieties of garage door lifts:

Standard Lift Common to see and choose, this lift requires at least 10 inches of headroom over the top. Illustration of Garage Door Standard lift
High-lift Track Made for tall ceilings or those who want to use extra space up above, better clearance is associated with this lift. Illustration of Garage Door High lift
Full Vertical Lift The entire lift will fit above the door on the wall and can be a great option for dealerships and other businesses. Illustration of Garage Door Full vertical lift
Inclined Garage Door Tracks This is the best choice for cathedral and vaulted ceilings. Illustration of Garage Door Inclined track
Front and Rear Low-Headroom Try this when there’s minimal space between the ceiling and the garage door. Illustration of Garage Door Low front headroom

Vertical and high lift doors are the best option for industrial, agricultural, and commercial purposes since the extra clearance is a benefit.

This commercial sectional garage door is in the G-5000 construction and has high lift. With tracks close to the ceiling like this one, there is a lot of overhead clearance

Look at this image and see all the clearance found above the commercial garage door. You can get this same look with high-lift hardware. It’s quiet, energy efficient, and requires very little maintenance.

Commercial Garage Doors Excel with Premium Hardware Made for Heavy Duty Purposes

Garage door experts will be needed to determine the right thickness and length of the garage door springs.

Commercial doors tend to be heavier and used more often than residential doors. That means you need durable and robust hardware. While the springs might not seem important, they are. They handle the door weight and most of the lifting.

There are a couple of things to be aware of when choosing springs:

  • Choosing a long spring means it will easily do more open and close cycles.


  • A short spring is going to have more strength.

Bringing in a professional garage door expert ensures you balance these two things so you get the springs that will work best for your business.

The Three Commercial Hardware Options

For a door that provides great clearance and sits against the high ceiling of a commercial building, high lift hardware is often recommended.

Hardware Light Duty
  • 14-gauge steel tracks and mounting brackets*
  • Pull rope
  • Single hinges
Heavy Duty
  • 13-gauge steel tracks and mounting brackets*
  • Pull chain
  • Single or double hinges
Super Heavy Duty
  • 12-gauge steel tracks and mounting brackets*
  • Pull chain or chain hoists
  • Single or double hinges
  • Reinforcement bars

Light Duty

  • 14-gauge steel tracks and mounting brackets*
  • Pull rope
  • Single hinges

Heavy Duty

  • 13-gauge steel tracks and mounting brackets*
  • Pull chain
  • Single or double hinges

Super Heavy Duty

  • 12-gauge steel tracks and mounting brackets*
  • Pull chain or chain hoists
  • Single or double hinges
  • Reinforcement bars

*The lower the gauge number, the thicker the steel

Facts About Commercial Doors

  • Expect the hardware for these doors to be heavy and large since the commercial door has more clearance above it and an increased height.
  • Polyurethane or polystyrene are the most common types of insulation in garage doors. The door itself ranges in size from 1-⅜ to 2 inches in thickness.
  • Unlike residential doors, commercial doors are expected to be very strong and have a high level of energy efficiency.
  • Polyurethane has great strength and adhesion, which provides more resistance against the garage door bending.

You also want to focus on excellent hardware for commercial doors. Residential hardware won’t work here!

The chosen mechanism to operate the commercial section door has to be efficient and strong due to its frequent use. Hardware needs to be strong, solid, and fully capable of working with a larger door.

Tracks for residential doors are different from tracks for commercial doors.

  • Residential garage door tracks are typically made with thinner steel since the door is used less often.
  • Commercial garage door tracks have thicker steel and rollers that can be up to three inches long.

The springs that offer counterbalancing are also different.

Rather than focusing on the size of the door, think about how many times it can open and close. This is known as a garage door cycle.

Let’s say your commercial door is used about 50 times each day. You want commercial garage door springs that have around 100,000 cycles.

Even the door’s movement is distinct from residential doors.

Residential garage doors tend to have limited or standard clearance.

On the other hand, a commercial door can use a vertical lift with elevated movement. This is ideal for tall doors and those with different clearances over the top of the door.

Commercial garage doors have a variety of parts, depending on the amount they are used and the need to avoid a service interruption. It’s crucial to select these items carefully to avoid unnecessary wear and tear or overly expensive repairs.

Power and Dependability Are Guaranteed with Commercial Garage Door Openers

This is LiftMaster's RBH operator, a jackshaft-type that is robust and powerful with a chain to open it manually.

A jackshaft-type operator mounts along the side of your garage door, which is an excellent choice for high-lift models. It offers a great deal of utility and a chain can be used if the automatic opener isn’t available at some point.

Costs can vary to a huge degree between garage door openers for commercial doors. Below are several things that play into the price:

  • Voltage

    Your choices are between 550, 220, or 115 volts. Higher numbers are better when the door is frequently used. For commercial purposes, 220 v is recommended.

  • Engine power

    Next, you can choose 1, ¾, or ½ horsepower for the engine of the door. If the door is small, lower power is fine. Large doors will want something more powerful.

  • Central or side opener

    Raised and vertical movements require the use of jackshaft door openers. A chain hoist should be included for manual needs.

North American commercial door openers can be powered by three different voltages, while only the lowest voltage is used for residential garage doors.

The LiftMaster model RBH operator stands out from other jackshaft garage door models used for car dealerships and more.

  • It can easily lift huge doors in one fluid movement.
  • It has the durability needed to perform tons of cycles in a commercial building.
  • Perfect for use with commercial sectional doors with a high or vertical lift or a large size.

Curious about what RBH is all about?

RB is short for roller bearing, while the H applies to the chain hoist that the system has. The RBH operator from LiftMaster offers heavy-duty roller bearings for long life and smooth operations.

Right below, look at the diagram to get an idea of the parts of garage door openers and how they all work.

Top Features of the LiftMaster RBH

Drawing of all the key components and parts of a commercial garage door opener. This is LiftMaster's RBH operator


The clutch comes on when the open or close button is used for the garage door. This slides the door slightly to avoid jarring movements and increase longevity.

Operator Motor

  • If the engine happens to be overhead, an overload protection system will turn things off to avoid damage.
  • The motor comes on fast due to its exceptional starting torque.
  • If any issues come up, error codes pop up. This lets technicians know what’s wrong to easily get things back into perfect working order.


  • Custom time settings let you keep the garage door open as long as you like from a single second to 99 minutes.
  • The TimerSecure feature makes sure the motor doesn’t idle if a breakdown occurs.
  • It comes with a mid-course stop function that limits energy, time, and opening cycles.
  • The dealership mode means you only need to make a single press to bring the door to a designated height for the amount of time you want before it closes.

Wall-Mounted Control Panel

The panel located on the wall comes with something called a Maintenance Alert System or MAS. It lets you know if something is going wrong. The inclusion of a flashing LED light lets you know the garage door may need an inspection, maintenance, or repairs.

G-4400 are the only commercial garage doors that include industrial dual-sided photo eyes (CPS-UN4).

Each of the photo eyes is surrounded by polycarbonate housings to resist water, dirt, debris, and other things that could create damage. Usable both outdoors and inside, they offer solid sensors to signal alignment. These eyes can be used in repair shops, car washes, dealerships, and other places where debris or rain may be present.

Always be sure that the commercial garage door opener you select works with the building's 575-volt system as this will provide lower utility bills.

Let our Commercial Garage Door Specialists Help When Selecting the Top Garage Doors and Operators for Your Auto Dealership

Now is the time to reach out to the talented garage door experts at Atlas-Coles Door Systems. We provide a variety of services to meet your unique needs:

  • Get a complimentary consultation right in your showroom or elsewhere at the dealership.
  • Access a detailed quotation that has the details of the job you want, with consideration about the fact that the price of a garage door installation depends on several factors.
  • On-site measurements are provided for the most accurate and complete quote.
  • A Planned Preventive Maintenance program makes sure your doors are always operating well. Since these are the largest moving parts of the dealership, the right garage doors are essential for business growth.

Now that you’ve read this case study, you know that you need a commercial garage door that meets the needs of your specific dealership. Investing a bit more for an excellent garage door system is worth it. Going for a less expensive option may mean highly expensive repairs are waiting in the future.

Reach out to us right now at 860-668-7991!

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