Repurpose Your Garage and Enjoy a Summertime Relaxation Station

Take a quick look at your garage. What’s stored in there? Chances are good you have a car or two parked in it. You probably also have a lawn mower, a weed trimmer, and your holiday decorations, as well. There’s actually a much better use for that space – with a few basic steps, you can repurpose your garage into a summertime relaxation station if it’s insulated properly. What should you know about your options?
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Moving soon? Learn how to prepare your garage for the upcoming journey

Moving soon?

Have you gone through the process of moving before? Those who have can probably relate to the garage being one of the last areas you pack up and get ready before leaving. This may not be for the best. The garage is a place filled with items you use on occasion. It’s also a great place to store packed boxes.

If you are going to be moving sometime in the next 12 months, there are a handful of tips that can help you avoid stress and make the process efficient. This is especially the case when you choose to use a moving company.

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Need Some Contemporary Garage Door Inspiration? We’ve Got You Covered!

Carriage house style

We all want our homes to represent our sense of beauty, style and aesthetics. Over the past few years, garage door manufacturers have realized the importance of this with their products – contemporary garage doors offer beauty, style and pizzazz. One leader in the industry, Garaga, is actually now offering 24 unique models, with seven of them firmly planted in the contemporary or modern design category.

Are these garage doors the right fit for all homes? Of course not. Below, we’ll give you a helping hand to better understand your options, how they fit with different home designs, and more.

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4 Things to Ask a Garage Door Dealer

If it’s time to buy a new garage door, many people start where you probably did: searching the Internet, or asking family and friends for recommendations. Now that you’ve done all that, however, what should you do next? If you visit a garage door dealer in your area, you may not be 100% sure what to ask them. After all, garage doors are not something we buy every day. Here are four things to know about any garage door dealer before you buy from them.
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Get your garage organized!

Lusting after well-organized garages and wondering how on earth they did it? Here are some ideas from the HOUZZ website that will get you on the right track!
Organizing your garage doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg, but it all depends on exactly what you want to do and how much you want to invest. Plan wisely, set a budget and stick to it!
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Keep safe and hire a pro!

Uh-oh! Your garage door seems to be on its last legs, it’s making strange noises and not working as it used to… You’re worried you might have to fork out a lot of money to replace it, so naturally, you do some research and see if you can fix it yourself.
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